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4 Surprising Benefits of a Business Access Control System

Person Holding Access Key Card
An access control system uses locks and access control devices to monitor who enters and exits offices, buildings, and other typical business locations. While the complexity and arrangement varies depending on your commercial and facility needs, this system is a valuable resource for your business. Take a look at these four surprising benefits an access control system offers your business.
1. Track and Control Inventory
The unique design of access control allows you create a system of control for your inventory stock. For example, you can place a point of access at the door of the inventory room. Because access control lets you see who accesses that room, when they enter, and when they exit, you can keep an eye on inventory use.
This application helps you track peak inventory use. In the event of suspected employee petty theft, you will also be able to track and verify which employee is guilty. An access control system allows you to assign a unique code for each employee. This code is necessary for someone to enter any door equipped with a point of access, so the usage code can help you prove any employee wrongdoing.
2. Improve Vendor Access
Depending on the nature of your business, you or a trusted employee might not be physically available to accept deliveries during traditional vendor hours. Limited hours can force your business to delay crucial deliveries and other important services. Lost time means lost revenue.
But with an access control system, you can open your facility or building remotely to receive vendor visits when no one is present. You simply assign a unique access code for specific vendors so important suppliers can safely enter and deliver their goods or services. Your system will alert you regarding their arrival and departure times.
An access control system also allows you to erase any code at any time to better control who enters your building. Now your business can rely on real-time deliveries even when you're not open for business.
3. Eliminate Mechanical Key Liability
Mechanical keys come with liability. Ever have an employee lose their key to the building or office? You know the frustration and extra cost associated with lost keys. You also face the possibility of theft when a set of keys is lost. Then, you must pay to make additional duplicate keys or re-key the building completely. The cost to re-key a high quality secure lock costs up to $25 per lock.
Fortunately, an access control system eliminates the liability that mechanical keys possess. You can secure important exterior doors with electronic locks equipped with code access. Or you can set up Bluetooth access with smartphones for you and your employees. With this feature, you can check employee arrival and exit times as well.
4. Protect Office Zones
Sometimes you as a business owner want to prevent access to certain parts of your building. For example, you don't want employees inside your office while you are on an extended vacation. Normally, you lock the door and hope for the best, not knowing if a determined employee will pick the lock and enter.
When you assign a point of access at forbidden rooms — like your private office — you can keep everyone out. Your system even informs you if someone accessed that door in your absence. Even when you know and trust your employees, this access adds an additional layer of security from a random break-in or robbery.
Are you ready to experience how an access control system can benefit your business? If you are interested in ways to increase the security of your commercial or office business, visit Coastal Burglar Alarm for more information.