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5 Home Security Tips for Parents of Teens in South Carolina

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During the summer months, teens have a lot more freedom since they no longer have to report to school on a daily basis. They stay at home alone, visit with their friends, and work summer jobs. During the summer, parents should take precautions and educate older children on how to be safe. This article will cover some practical tips to help you keep your teens safe in South Carolina. 

1. Teach Teens Never to Open the Door for Strangers
Most burglaries happen during the day while you're not at home, and the point of entry is usually a door or a window. Many people feel obligated to answer the door, especially down here in South Carolina where southern hospitality and charm is our heritage.

However, you wouldn't open a spam email because you'd likely get a virus on your computer. Similarly, answering the door for an untrusted person can be dangerous.

If a stranger knocks on the door while a teen is at home alone, advise them to not answer it. Keep all doors and windows locked, and have your teen call a grown-up. If a stranger seems suspicious or won't leave, instruct your teen to call 911.

2. Teach Teens About Internet Safety

Teens increasingly interact with people all over the nation via games and social media. They may feel a bond with people whom they perceive are peers on the internet. However, you need to remind them that many people online are essentially strangers.

Just like you wouldn't put an advertisement in the newspaper to tell people that you're home alone, tweeting about it on social media can actually alert more people than your local media outlet since billions of people are online.
Remind teens not to put personal information on social media or answer stranger's questions about where they live, work, or go to school. When possible, avoid letting them use their full name, and advise them not to click on unsolicited links in social media sites.

Strangers can easily track your teen's location within a few miles just by having them click on an IP address grabbing link that they've crafted in simple code. A simple reverse phone or email address lookup can also reveal your home address.

3. Enforce the South Carolina Curfew Law

Back in 2009, South Carolina enacted a curfew for children who are 17 years old and younger. The statewide curfew states that on weeknights teens must be home before midnight, and on weekends they should be home before 1:00 am.

The mandate is to protect teens from getting into legal trouble, but it's also to protect them from being hurt by criminals.

4. Teach Teens to Adopt a Security Mindset
You may be tempted to keep keys under the mat, over the door, or under a flower pot, especially if your teens are always coming and going. You may leave the garage door open or leave gardening tools outside. However, burglars are opportunistic by nature.

Some burglars don't even bring tools with them; they improvise with tools they see, or they simply check doors to see if they're open. Therefore, teach teens about home safety and why it's important to keep the garage door closed and the yard free of bikes or other property.

Remind your teen to never do anything while home alone that they are not allowed to do when parents are home.

4. Teach Teens to Adopt a Security Mindset
A professional camera system can help you protect your teen. It will notify you when movement is detected outside or inside your home. You can watch the activity from the convenience of your cell phone. A camera system is also a useful deterrent against burglars who would rather not be caught on recorded video.

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