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Five Reasons You Need a Home Alarm System

woman adjusting home alarm
Security is one of the first things you might think about when you move into a new home. Whether you are purchasing or renting, you want to keep your belongings and your family safe from potential intruders. If you are on the fence about shopping for a burglar alarm to protect against intruders, here are five reasons why you should consider getting one today.

1. A Burglar Alarm Protects Valuable Items

One of the first things people think about when they consider burglar alarms is the idea that the home will be secure when they leave for work or vacation. Studies suggest that burglars are more likely to turn away from a home if they spot an alarm.
Even those who said that they would continue robbing a house with an alarm claimed they would retreat more quickly than usual. This means that, even if some of your belongings are missing, burglars are not so likely to clear out your entire home.

2. A Burglar Alarm Protects Human Life

If you have ever worried that somebody might break into your home while you and your family are fast asleep, burglar alarms are helpful tools. Not only will the alarm make the burglar aware of the security system, but it will also wake up the family and make everybody aware that something is happening.
Did you know that you can pair a burglar alarm system with a smoke or carbon monoxide sensor? This means that your security system works double duty for your family.

3. A Burglar Alarm Protects Your Entire Neighborhood

One study from Rutgers University suggests that neighborhoods with more alarm systems are less frequently robbed. An increase in alarms was linked to a decrease in local crime rates. Burglars were not as likely to rob even the neighbors of those with alarms.

4. A Burglar Alarm May Save Money on Insurance

Did you know that some homeowners insurance companies will offer a discount for owners who install security alarm systems? In fact, some companies may offer a discount of up to 25% off your premium if you take certain precautions.
Additionally, you may be at lower risk for increase hikes in your home insurance deductible when you have a solid security system in place.
You might also see changes in your insurance rates when your neighbors have security systems. The fewer claims coming out of your neighborhood, the less "at risk" you are considered for theft.
This all stems from the goal of home insurance companies to mitigate losses. A burglar alarm certainly does that.

5. A Burglar Alarm May Provide More Independence

When you have a burglar alarm, you don't feel that you have to be chained to your house. Depending on the type of system you set up, you can actually monitor your home and even control some of the settings.
For example, some home systems allow you to turn on and off the television, stereo or lights from anywhere in the world. This gives the illusion that somebody is at home.
Additionally, you can purchase systems that allow you to remotely view the interior and exterior of the home. You can rest assured knowing exactly what is happening at your home, even if you are away on vacation.
Coastal Burglar Alarm understands the importance of home security whether you are going to work each day or you are going on vacation. Thanks to our centralized location, our service is personalized for each client's unique needs.