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5 Steps for a Burglar-Safe Seasonal Home

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Many people have seasonal homes they visit during vacations and over the occasional weekend. The remainder of the time these homes are empty and often more at risk than other houses because burglars learn the routine. Seasonal homes tempt thieves because they are often isolated or in areas where all houses are seasonal.
A long absence makes it much easier for criminals to examine the home and decide if it is vacant, as well as to take their time removing valuables. Thieves even remove air conditioning units and strip copper plumbing and electrical wire when they have the time. So how can you protect a home that is miles away and vacant for months at a time?
1. Keep Schedules Secret
Never make it easy for people to learn when a home will be empty. Avoid discussing your schedule in public with neighbors or others. Make social media posts private so a thief can’t log in and learn when you are leaving camp or how sad you are that you had to cancel the weekend trip to the lodge.
2. Hire a Helper
Enlist a reputable local friend or acquaintance to check on the home occasionally. A vehicle in the yard and someone in the home and around the grounds may be enough to make potential thieves nervous. Ask the helper to choose random times to visit to keep any burglars watching the home guessing about when it may be empty.
3. Notify Local Authorities
Local police departments often help seasonal residents with drive-by checks of vacant homes. The officer's presence acts as a deterrent, and officers are trained to spot any suspicious people or activity that others may miss.
Inform the officers of the name and phone number of the person overseeing the home during your absence, and give them a description of their vehicle. The information helps to prevent problems if they cruise by while the person is on the property. Also, provide them with any known dates when you will be back and what, if any, lights you plan to keep on in the home.
4. Reduce the Appeal
Valuable electronics, antiques, or other items of worth should not be out in plain sight. A burglar glancing through a window should see only basic, inexpensive items that are less desirable for someone who wants a quick profit. Remove medication, tools, cash, and jewelry. Firearms and liquor also appeal to a lot of home burglars, so hide or remove these as well.
5. Install Security Systems
Strategically install motion lights around the perimeter of the property so no one can lurk around the home in the dark. Install surveillance cameras so that some of the cameras are visible. Thieves that know someone is watching may decide to go elsewhere. Install hidden cameras too in case the burglars try to remove or destroy the ones they notice.
Hire a security service to install the cameras, an alarm system, and the motion lights. Buy only smartphone-compatible systems because they enable the owner to view their property in real-time from anywhere. Consider also installing alarms for flood, fire, and smoke detection at the same time so the property is safe from a variety of threats. 
Burglars do not always wait until a home is empty before they enter. Robbery occurs even in occupied houses. Security systems are one of the best ways to protect against this type of threat. At Coastal Burglar Alarm, we offer systems that help to keep people and property safe 24 hours a day. Contact us today to learn more about our services and what we can do for you.