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Home Improvements That Will Protect Your Home This Fall

Home improvement
Fall is here, and the holidays are coming fast. At this time of year, home security is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are a variety of home-improvement projects that can help make your home safer and more secure.

Install Timers for Lights

Dark homes are empty homes, or at least, that's what intruders think. Turning on your lights at night signals that you are home. When you can't be at home, light timers can simulate the appearance of occupation.
Timers are typically installed at the electrical outlets, where they can control the power supply to your lamps. When installing timers, you should set things up so that the lights will come on at different times to create the appearance that someone is in the home walking from one room to the next and turning on lights as they go.

Automate Your Home's Blinds

Motorized blinds and shades have been around for a long time. These easy-to-use products open and close on a timer to let in light, block light or block the view of your home from the street.
In recent years, motorized blinds have become smarter. Now many of these products can be patched into the home's wireless network and may be controlled remotely. Motorized blinds can be installed professionally or as a DIY project.
If you already have a smart system in place at your home, look for blinds that can be integrated into your existing home automation software so you can control all of your home's systems from one centralized location.

Upgrade Your Locks

Hopefully your front door has a deadbolt. If it doesn't, installing a quality deadbolt is important for ensuring your home's security. If your home already has a deadbolt, have it inspected by a locksmith. If the lock only offers low-grade protection, consider upgrading to a higher-quality product.
Deadbolts come in grades. Grade 3 is the lowest quality while grade 1 is the highest quality. Upgrading your deadbolt ensures that the lock will withstand greater pressure if someone tries to force open your door. Replacing a deadbolt is a relatively easy DIY project, but installing a deadbolt where no deadbolt currently exists may require help from a locksmith.

Install Outdoor Motion-Sensor Lights

Motion-activated lights can help deflect intruders and trespassers away from your property. Installing outdoor motion sensor lights may require help from an electrician if you need to run power to the location before installing the light.
Smart places to install outdoor motion-activated lights include the area above your garage and the area near your back door. Keep in mind that motion-sensor lights can become a nuisance near bedroom windows. However, blackout curtains can help control light intrusion into the house.

Install a Reputable Alarm System

Installing a reputable alarm system in your home is one of the best ways to increase your home's security. Modern systems are designed to sense motion, detect fire and smoke, measure temperature, sense water and measure carbon monoxide levels. By protecting your home from a range of threats and risks, an alarm system can keep you and other members of your household safe.
A good alarm system will need to be installed by a professional and patched into the network of an alarm-monitoring company. To find out more about having an alarm system installed in your home, contact a reputable alarm company today.

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