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How to Talk to Children About a New Security System

A Boy Using Alarm System
At some point in a child's development, they get old enough for their parents to leave them alone for an extended period. This experience can be rewarding for the parents and the children, but it can also be dangerous if a home has no safety protection. Robbers or other criminals could break into a home and steal goods or injure the children.
Therefore, homeowners with children need to seriously consider buying a security system for their home as soon as possible. But before buying these useful monitoring and detecting systems, parents need to talk to their children about their security protection. This talk helps a child better understand their new safety and prepares parents for unique challenges.
Discuss the Necessity of Secure Systems
Before security system installation, parents should talk to their child about why such a unit is necessary for their home. For example, parents can discuss the ways security monitoring protects a child's goods from thieves. Parents should connect security to material goods to help a child better understand the benefits.
Just as important, parents need to be honest with their children about the dangers of strangers. Let the children know that a dangerous situation is more comfortably handled with a security system, as the potentially dangerous individual will be unable to enter the house.
Show Children the System Location
After the unit is installed in the home, parents should show the child the location of the various elements of the security system. For example, children should know what areas are protected - such as their windows - and should be able to identify where cameras are located to ensure maximum safety.
Parents should discuss how each of these items protects the child and the ways that they let parents monitor them. If applicable, parents can show the camera-monitoring app that comes with most security systems to give children an insight into the ways that parents can watch and protect their children while they are out of the house.
Educate Children on Proper System Use
Once a child fully understands the location of a security system's various elements, parents must teach the child how to control these items. For example, a child needs to know how to arm and disarm the security system if they need to go outside to get the mail or if a trusted friend or family member comes over to visit while the parents are gone.
Typically, arming and disarming an alarm system is done via punching a code on a small keypad on the inside and outside of a home. Parents must let their children know the importance of keeping the code a secret among the family. Even trusted friends and family members should be on a need-to-know basis for this code. The fewer people that know the code, the more protected the home.
Children also need to understand how to use the camera-monitoring app to check areas through a home. For example, if they hear a noise in the basement and want to make sure someone isn't breaking into the house, the child can use the appropriate application to check the basement's cameras.
Learn More About Security Systems With Us
Parents who want to protect their children and their home from invaders need to install diverse and highquality security systems as soon as possible. So please make sure to call or visit our offices at Coastal Burglar Alarm to learn more about these security systems.
Our professionals will assess the security needs of a home and provide it with the protection necessary to keep it safe. Just as importantly, we can create a monitoring system to ensure that parents can track their children when they are at home.