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Think Like a Burglar to Secure Your Home Properly

A burglar alarm
Burglars look for specific things when they break into a home. Burglars want your expensive items, and they want to get away without being seen, heard, or caught. Knowing this, you can go around your property and think like a burglar would to spot weaknesses and better secure your home.

How to Stay Hidden

Are there places a burglar can hide while waiting for you to leave or come home so they can overpower you? Do you have bushes near your doors or under the windows? Do you have lattice blocking the view of your front porch? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you want to remedy these issues.

Do you have extra cars or RVs stored on your property? If so, then keep them locked and check them regularly. Stored cars and especially RVs provide a burglar with a great place to watch your household to learn your schedule and wait for the right moment to break in.

Do you have a solid fence or wall around your home? If you do, then a burglar can quickly hop over the fence or wall and avoid being spotted breaking in by your neighbors. Therefore, many people opt to go with chain-link or ornamental wrought iron fences. See-through fences allow neighbors to keep an eye on the property and phone in anything strange.

How to Remain Unheard

Do you have a basement with large enough windows for someone to crawl through them? If so, these windows need thick curtains and very secure locks. You may want to put protection bars on them as well.

Are all your bedrooms on one side of the house away from the main section where there are large windows, the entryway, and possibly a sliding glass door? If so, then know a burglar may feel safer breaking into the main section while your household appears to be asleep.

Therefore, you need to lock all windows and doors with high-quality locks. Secondary locks are also a good idea for sliding glass doors since some can be rocked off their track, especially older ones.

Is your garage connected to the house? If so, a burglar may feel safer breaking into the garage, which is easier to get into without being seen and heard. Thick curtains and high-quality locks can be good deterrents.

How to Not Get Caught

Most burglars will look for signs that a house has a security system or security cameras installed. If the burglar sees signs of a security alarm, they will often move on to another house that doesn't have one.

A security system can record a burglar with cameras so the burglar can be identified and prosecuted. A security system also has a siren that goes off to alert everyone in your house, as well as your nearby neighbors to the fact that a break-in has taken place. The system will also alert the local law enforcement agency to a problem at your location so they can get someone out to the residence right away.

If you have a security system installed, show off the stickers and yard signs that come with the system so burglars spot them right away and know not to bother trying to break into your home. Also, have a locked package-delivery box on your porch with a camera aimed at it. This protects your packages and captures video of a person who tries to get your packages.

We can get you set up with a security system that protects your home from burglars, fire, and other potential dangers. Contact us now to discuss your options and get set up with the best security system for your home.