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Understand the Nature and Benefits of App-Based Security

Smart Home Device Control
Technological advances on security systems change as almost as often as new mobile device generations are created. In fact, a new wave of app-based security systems provide homeowners with an unheard level of control over their home's safety. Homeowners interested in a security system need to grasp how these systems work and the benefits that they offer. 
Features to Get in App-Based Security Systems 
App-based security systems sync up an electronic device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to a home-wide series of devices, including alarms, cameras, and environmental controls. These unique control systems let users control every aspect of their security system no matter where they are in the world, as long as their device can sync to a data or internet network.
When installing an app-based security system for a house, homeowners need to take the time to understand the many features available on these devices. For example, wireless and cellular connectivity expands how many devices can hook up to the security system. In this way, a homeowner can sync up a multitude of electronic units to improve their control use. 
Other essential features include the ability to control lighting, activate appliances, lock and unlock doors, arm and disarm the alarm, monitor alerts, and live stream from any cameras installed in the home. These features are particularly beneficial because they expand the security operation of a house and make remote control even more accessible. 
For example, someone on vacation could use their app-based security system to turn on various lights in their home in a way that simulates occupation. Just as important, they can tweak the environmental controls, such as heating and cooling, to prevent financial loss. As a bonus, owners of this security system can unlock doors when people stop by to feed pets or water plants. 
Tips for Using App-Based Security Systems
Although app-based security systems provide many benefits for the homeowner, mistakes could trigger issues with the effectiveness of this control system. Please follow these simple tips to ensure the best results for an app-based security system:
  • Hook to WiFi whenever possible — App-based security systems may allow you to live-stream videos of your home, but this feature will slow down a phone and eat into its data plan. Hook to a WiFi connection to avoid this problem and to improve the video streaming feed. 
  • Limit the people who access the app —Avoid letting too many people access the security app for a home's system. Failure to do so could make it easier for angry friends or family members to hack into the system and open it while a person is away from home.
  • Always lock the control device — When homeowners aren't using their phone, they should keep it locked with a hard-to-guess password. This step also helps to protect their security system from getting hacked. Likewise, make sure to create a difficult password for the system as well. 
  • Update the phone's system — Regularly updating a phone's operating system will improve its operation and make virus control and protection easier to handle. Beyond that, updates also increase the efficiency of most phones or control devices. 
These tips provide a basic understanding of how these types of security systems work. However, you should also consider many other tips before downloading and using these apps. Talk to the home security officials who set up a home's system to ensure that the app runs smoothly and that the house is protected from invasion.
Professional Help for Security Systems 
If you are interested in a high-quality app-based security system, please don't hesitate to contact us at Coastal Burglar Alarm right away. Our experts will help you better understand how to sync up your mobile device to a security system and give you the knowledge you need to control it in a streamlined and straightforward manner.