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Want a Smarter Home? 5 Ways to Get Started Today

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Home automation is more than just a faddish way to impress your friends and neighbors. It saves money and energy. It saves time and energy. It protects your home from burglars. And it makes your day-to-day life more comfortable than ever. 
But while this all sounds great, how can you get started with home automation no matter your skill level and budget? Here are a few easy ideas.
1. Link to an App
Modern smart home technology is often controlled by apps on your phone. Because your phone is likely with you most — if not all — of the time, you’ll easily be able to change settings and adjust specific features.
As you make updates or remodel things on your property, look for electronic options that offer links to control apps. You can get simple, yet complete, app controls for things like interior lighting, robotic vacuum systems, and the household alarms. 
2. Automate the Environment
Most people have a thermostat in their home that can keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Is yours still adjusted manually? Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat which is set at precise temperatures for different times of day and different days. For example, you can automate the thermostat to reduce heating or cooling when everyone's gone for the day or asleep at night.
These thermostats are easy to reprogram, and they save money as they avoid allowing extremes in temperature.
Another way to automate your home environment is to set interior and exterior lights to turn on and off according to time or with the conditions. You can also update to programmable blinds that open and close on a schedule (which is particularly useful for hard-to-reach windows). And you can program your coffee maker to wake you up with a fresh pot each morning. 
3. Boost Your Entertainment
No matter what your interests are, the entertainment system is one place where technology thrives and where users love having automation options. It's an easy and logical place to start your automation journey. 
What can you do with audio-visual automation? A simple voice command device, such as Echo or another Bluetooth home speaker, allows voice commands to play music you select at various volumes. Or opt for a home remote control that you can link with the server that stores your movie collection and the home entertainment system's audio-visual systems. This will help you create the perfect viewing experience.
You can remotely control everything from speakers to the lighting around your media room to the temperature of your beer cooler. 
4. Open and Close Doors
Automation can help give you peace of mind when it comes to home security. Install doorbell cameras and hidden cameras at all entry doors. Combine these with sensors at the gates to allow you to know who's around your property as well as who's coming and going.
Use smart locks that open and close doors at your command to let in friends, family, or service providers. Open doors from your phone when you're in a hurry. And use motion sensor lighting to keep doors safe. 
Don't forget about the garage door. The garage is an often-overlooked exterior risk point, so update its locks with smarter ones. Modern garage door systems can open and close the garage door from a phone app or by voice command, monitor a camera on it, and send information about usage straight to your smartphone.
Ready to start automating your home to make it smarter? Start with a visit to the home automation and security experts at Coastal Burglar Alarm today. We can assess your property's automation need as well as the possibilities and options you have to make life more comfortable. Call for more information today.