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Access Control Systems in Charleston, South Carolina

An Investment That Pays You Back

Are you among the many business owners who hope for the best in terms of security in an effort to reduce costs? With Coastal Burglar Alarm, you no longer have to worry about the massive expense of security systems. We make it both affordable and simple to protect your employees through access control systems.
Our access control systems provide total in-house remote control over the security of your business and can be individualized according to your company’s needs. Your employees will not only feel safer at work but will also be more productive knowing that their employer cares about their well-being.

Promoting a Safe Work Environment

Coastal Burglar Alarm wants to keep your employees safe at work. An electronic access control system is a great way to manage access to your facilities. Through an access control system, you can control visitor access, secure access points and create an emergency lockdown when needed. Our technicians are there to provide complete support in the layout and installation of your system.

Stricter Security

Our access control solution combines control devices, locks and more with tools to control who can access offices, resources, operations and facilities. Security aside, this technology will allow you to see who enters and leaves your facility and how long they were there. With our services, you can keep a record of all the activities taking place at your location.

Access Methods

The access control systems from Coastal Burglar Alarm allow for quick and easy entry into a commercial building through scan cards, key fobs or smartphones with Bluetooth capabilities. You can always grant entry remotely, so you never have to worry about being on-site to change a combination, let someone in or lock a door.

Manage Your Office

Contact Coastal Burglar Alarm today to discuss your options for an access control system. We’ll help you find the right one to tighten your workplace security.