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Professional Camera Systems for Businesses in Charleston, SC

A device used in camera systems for businesses in Charleston, SC

Rest Assured Knowing Your Property Is Safe

Life is busy. Nobody has the time to be at home constantly watching their assets and pets. Coastal Burglar Alarm has the perfect solution that allows you to work as long as you need to and enjoy your time out while protecting your property.

The Finishing Touch on Your Security System

Having a surveillance camera is a great way to complete a home security system. It serves as the first line of defense in the case of a break-in or another property crime. Whether you need video protection for a personal residence or commercial office, Coastal Burglar Alarm supplies top-of-the-line surveillance systems that include all you need to keep an eye on your property.

Monitor From Your Smartphone

With the recent advances in technology, you can now monitor and protect your property right from your smartphone. Coastal Burglar Alarm camera systems allow you to connect through your cellphone so you can view your property live. You can even enable notifications whenever the camera system detects motion inside or outside the building.

Our systems are perfect for those who have house help, such as a maid, or frequently hire babysitters. While those you choose for these services may be perfectly honorable and trustworthy people, being able to monitor the activity within your home will give you extra security. It’s also great to watch your pets while you are away from home.

Backing Up Your Security Footage

If you ever want to save your surveillance videos, Coastal Burglar Alarm camera system footage can be backed up to cloud storage. This makes it possible to access the video without taking the storage card out of the camera and inserting it into a computer manually. Security cameras using only local footage put you at risk of losing recorded video if someone were to steal the recorder.

Crack Down on Home Security

We hope your security camera never catches unsavory activity, but you’ll be glad it’s there if it does. Contact us at Coastal Burglar Alarm today to have a quality camera system installed on your property.