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Home Automation AV and Stereo Systems in Charleston, South Carolina

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The Technology of Tomorrow

Coastal Burglar Alarm is helping bring homes into the future with the capability to control everything from lighting to security through a home automation system.

Technology is meant to simplify life. That’s exactly what we’re doing with our home automation systems, which make it easy to monitor and control every aspect of home life with the simple touch of a button.

Security Measures

A home automation system from us will advance the security of your home by allowing you to monitor the activity around the perimeters of your property. When someone comes too close, the system will capture an image. This will prevent thieves from stealing packages and gaining access to your house anonymously. You’ll also know when someone is at the door without having to go there to check.

Luxurious Living

This system even enhances family time by allowing you to instantly set the mood for dinner or movie time. You’ll have easy control over your audiovisual (AV) like your television, your stereo and the room’s temperature right from your phone to create the home theater you’ve always wanted.


Our technicians take care of the construction, wiring and installation so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the hassle-free ability to control your entire house with a remote.

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